Gigabit LAN update

Following on from previous posts about upgrading my LAN to gigabit capability I’ve just performed some quick speed tests using iperf / JPerf (a Java GUI front-end on iperf).

I tested the speed between 3 points in my network:

  • my HP ML115 G5 Debian Linux server
  • my main Windows XP Pro 32bit PC
  • the family Shuttle Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit PC

Between the Vista PC and Linux server I am seeing a respectable average of 460Mb/s which is roughly 57MB/s.

Between the XP Pro PC and Linux server I am seeing an average of 295Mb/s, roughly 35MB/s.

Between the Vista PC and the XP Pro PC I am seeing almost identical figures to those between the XP Pro PC and the Linux server.

These figures are significantly better than the speeds I saw when it was originally wireless and I’m very happy with the improvement. However, I am not sure why I’m seeing such a difference between the Vista and XP PC speeds… I guess it could be down to a whole host of factors – NIC, OS, driver and configuration etc. I may look at trying a dedicated NIC card in the XP PC but to be honest I think it’ll be fine as it is.