More solar PV goodness

A couple of days after posting about the latest record day from my solar PV installation, the record was broken again! A new record of 26.69 kWh for the day.

In fact, the last 6 days have all produced over 22 kWh for the day.

And finally, another comment on the performance of my ground source heat pump. With the recent hot weather the heat pump has been on an average of only 1 hour a day – in fact yesterday it didn’t come on at all! All helping to save me money 🙂

An amazing online shopping experience

After having more than my fair share of bad luck with online shopping, failed deliveries etc. I think my luck might have just turned…

Bearing in mind it’s a Saturday afternoon, I’ve just ordered a new Neff combination microwave and dishwasher for our new kitchen from Appliances Online , and not only are they the cheapest I could find online, but they also include free next day delivery. Now get this – next day means literally next day so my two appliances are being delivered tomorrow ON A SUNDAY! Amazing! Well done Appliances Online – you are setting the standard for other online retailers to follow.

And to complete a very satisfactory online shopping experience I’ve also just ordered two Original BTC Titan Size 3 aluminium pendant lights for the new kitchen from John Lewis… and they are offering next day click-and-collect from my local Waitrose. Again, next day being SUNDAY!

Excellent service from both companies – well done.

A new solar PV record day

Today our solar PV installation generated 25.07kWh of electricity, a new record beating the previous high of 21.69kWh.

This is what the graph from my automated data logging looks like:

As you can see there was unbroken sunshine all day although it only peaked up to around 3.1kW which reduced the overall output for the day. We’ve seen the system peak at over 4kW so I hope as we get later into the year we will see higher daily totals due to the higher peak output.

[ An interesting side note to this – our ground source heat pump was only on for 4 hours today, whereas during colder weather we can expect it to be on around 10 hours a day. I assume this is because of the high temperatures during the day and the obvious much reduced demand for heat. Let’s hope this this is a good indication of typical behaviour during the Summer months. ]