More on the ground source heat pump ground loop installation

Following on from my previous post about the work starting on the installation of the ground loop for our ground source heat pump system, here are a few more timelapse videos of the groundworks.

Now that the work is almost complete, one comment I will make is that the scale of the work involved is much bigger than I had originally expected. I knew the numbers involved – 150m of trench in total, 1m wide by 1m deep, 60 tonnes of sand etc. – but until you actually see how much soil is moved and effort involved, you don’t appreciate the scale of it.

Having said that, the guys doing the work have been very efficient and the paddock is well on its way to being back to its state before, minus the grass of course which will have to be grown from seed again once the work is complete.

The ground source heat pump ground loop gets installed!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that we’re installing a ground source heat pump as part of our barn conversion. Well, the installation of the ground loop collector pipes started in the last couple of days and I siezed the opportunity to shoot some short timelapse videos of the work being done.

The videos linked below show how the 50m x 1m x 1m trenches are dug and how the 200m of pipe loop in each trench is laid as 1m diameter coiled “slinkies” on a bed of 100mm sand. The videos are only short (they were shot with a 15 second interval between each timelapse frame) but are HD so make sure to select the 720p HD option on playback.