TVersity vs PS3 Media Server – and the winner is…?

Ever since I first started streaming media to my PS3 a couple of years ago, I’ve used what many people regard as being the best media server software, namely TVersity. When it worked, it worked OK although I’ve only ever used the basic streaming features for photos, music and video. However, more often than not my PS3 would not be able to detect TVersity unless I bounced the server while the PS3 was on. This was a bit of a pain and not quite the trouble free operation I was looking for. I did loads of searching for reports of this problem and tried numerous solutions but I never cracked it. I also experienced numerous silent crashes of the TVersity server so I wondered what else was out there to try as an alternative.

And that’s when I found the PS3 Media Server project.

I read lots of good reports about it so decided to give it a try… and it works like a charm! As soon as I installed it and ran it up, the PS3 detected it and I was able to stream content with no problems. I tried lots of tests restarting the PS3 and the server and it quickly reconnected every time – I’ve not been able to get it to fail, unlike TVersity which would fail without even trying.

Now, I might be doing TVersity a disservice here, and I might have missed some obvious solution to the problem, but for the time being, and particularly for what I want to use it for, PS3 Media Server is my new media server software.

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  1. I’ve been using PS3 Media server for a while now. It became really useful sometime last year when they implemented support for itunes playlists – now my i-devices and the PS3 share playlists which is great.

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