So what now, Stig?

Reading about the BBC’s failed attempts in the High Court to stop publisher HarperCollins outing Top Gear’s Stig as ex-racing driver Ben Collins in his new autobiography, there has been lots of talk of the BBC’s anger at the publisher, but I’ve not read anything about their relationship with Ben Collins himself.

It’s been mentioned that there were obvious confidentiality agreements in place which have now been breached, but I don’t quite understand why the focus of the anger seems to have been towards HarperCollins and not Ben Collins – it’s him that has broken the agreement, not the publisher. Or am I missing something? Maybe it’s just the way it has been reported, or the way I’ve interpreted it.

So where does that leave The Stig? I’m assuming Collins will lose the gig (man, what a job!). Will The Stig be killed off again as happened with the original driver in the role, Perry McCarthy?

Maybe I should get myself a firesuit and Simpson helmet with black visor and send my CV in… 😉